Yordy Boys Cabinet Surplus


Kitchen Design

Don’t fret about your kitchen cabinet design. Whether you are planning your dream kitchen or working on a remodel, Cabinet Surplus of Dewart is here to help you create your kitchen layout to your complete satisfaction. Our designers will combine your rough drawing with our state of the art kitchen design program. The results of this combination are an on screen 3-D model of your kitchen that will help you better visualize your kitchen layout. In addition, you can easily experiment with the vast array of cabinetry styles and sizes available until you are completely satisfied with your design.

Cabinet Surplus of Dewart will go a step further to insure your kitchen design meets your satisfaction. We will come to your house, free of charge, and do the measuring for you. We will spend time reviewing options and offering suggestions to enhance your kitchen design.

With Cabinet Surplus of Dewart you have another advantage: our in-house countertop shop. What this means to you, our valued customer, is that you can choose a laminate countertop from our large inventory and we will cut your countertop to the proper size in our in-house countertop shop. This not only allows you to save money by eliminating the middle man, but it saves you time because we can have your laminate countertop ready in a shorter amount of time.

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